Stormwater Wetlands: Plant at the Right Time of Year

Plants that grow in shallow water are extremely fond of warm weather.

  • So installing shallow water plants from spring through summer is GOOD 
  • Winter planting of shallow water plants is BAD


Emergent (shallow water) plants RARELY survive  winter planting.  If winter planting of shallow water areas is necessary, keep the wetland DRAINED so that oxygen is available to the plant roots.  Once the weather begins to warm up in the spring allow the water level to rise again.


Plants installed above the normal water level are much more flexible in their timing.


Midsummer plantings during droughts may need irrigation for 6 weeks while the plants establish themselves.  The soil needs to be kept moist,  but does not need to be flooded during this period.   



Jack Smith Creek Wetland newly planted, photo by Kris Bass

Jack Smith Creek Stormwater Wetlands, at installation in mid April, and 4 months later!

Jack Smith Creek Wetland August 2013 photo by Kris Bass