Stormwater Wetlands: Optimal Plant Size


Stormwater wetlands are a lot harder on young plants than, say, a typical bed planted for seasonal color.  At installation plants must be big enough to be beaten by a flood and pop up growing.


On the other hand, stormwater wetlands typically require large numbers of plants, which are the last things most project owners want to pay for.  


With 15 years of experience, we are absolutely confident that our 6.7 cubic inch large plugs are the perfect size and shape, and the perfect balance of performance and cost, for stormwater wetlands.  


Wetland Plants, Inc.'s LARGE PLUGS provide:

  • 6.7 cubic inches of root mass, ample to establish quickly in rough sites
  • Plenty of height to avoid submersion in shallow water zones
  • Tall, narrow root balls (1.6" wide and 5" deep) which stay in place during floods
  • Performance equal to 4" diameter container plants, at a much lower price point



 Chowan County Golf Course

Unfortunately, complex germination requirements on the seed's part and water flows on the wetland's part mean seed cannot be used to establish permanent native vegetation in a stormwater wetland.  Large plugs are far more effective.