South Carolina wetland natives sorted by common name


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American Lotus Nelumbo lutea Pale yellow blooms held high, limited supply.
Arrow Arum Peltandra virginica Exotic-looking perennial grows well in shade or sun.
Awlfruit Sedge Carex stipata Large but neat, prominent seed heads held high.
Big Blue Lobelia Lobelia siphilitica Similar to Lobelia cardinalis with bright blue flowers.
Bitter Panicum Panicum amarum A large, floppy grass, great for erosion control.
Black Needlerush Juncus roemerianus This Juncus is limited to salt influenced marshes.
Blue Lobelia Lobelia elongata Similar to Lobelia cardinalis with bright blue flowers.
Bottle Brush Sedge Carex comosa Rather pale leaves, spiky "bottle brush" seed heads.
Broadwing Quill Sedge Carex alata Sedge with delicate leaves and small seed clusters.
Broom Sedge Carex scoparia A fine leaved, shade tolerant sedge.
Bulltongue Sagittaria lancifolia    A lovely Sagittaria with long narrow leaves.
Burreed Sparganium americanum The first shallow water species to emerge in spring.
Cardinal Flower Lobelia cardinalis Brilliant red flowers shine in shade, short lived.
Carolina Grasswort Lilaeopsis carolinensis Forms a dense, low wetland "turf".
Crimsoneyed Rosemallow Hibiscus moscheutos   Striking perennial with huge white to pink flowers.  
Cypress Swamp Sedge Carex joorii Large wetland sedge with notable shade tolerance.
Duck Potato Sagittaria latifolia    Large underground "potatoes" are relished by ducks.
Duckweed Lemna species Tiny, free floating aquatic. 
Engelmann's Arrowhead Sagittaria engelmanniana Another of the Duck Potatoes, with fuzzy seeds.
Fringed Sedge Carex crinita Deep green leaves and nodding seed heads.
Halberleaf Rosemallow Hibiscus laevis Nearly identical to the more common H. moscheutos.
Hollow Stemmed Joe Pye  Eupatoriadelphus fistulosus Soft rose flower heads adorn this tall perennial.  
Hop Sedge Carex lupulina  Robust sedge with yellow green foliage.
Horsetail Equisetum hyemale An ancent genus of everygreen rush-like plants
Leathery Rush Juncus coriaceus Slightly smaller than J. effusus, glossy seed capsules.
Lizard Tail Saururus cernuus     Cute white flower spikes even in deep shade.  
Narrow Plume Grass Saccharum brevibarbe Striking tall seed heads in fall, well above leaves.
Path Rush Juncus tenuis A low growing rush, tolerates wet and dry soils.
Pickerel weed Pontederia cordata    Lovely purple flowers make this a favorite emergent. 
Purple Muhly Muhlenbergia capillaris Fine leafed grass with airy purple seed heads. 
Saltmeadow Bulrush Scirpus robustus Brackish marsh species, coarse with thick rhizomes.
Saltmeadow Cordgrass Spartina patens Dominant salt marsh grass above mean high water.
Sawgrass Cladium jamaicense    For brackish marshes or stormwater wetlands.
Shallow Sedge Carex lurida    Robust sedge with large spiky seed heads.
Shoreline sedge Carex hyalinolepis A broadleaf sedge found primarily in coastal plain.
Smooth Cordgrass Spartina alterniflora Dominant grass in salt marsh intertidal zone.
Soft Rush Juncus effusus Despite its name, a rather stiff, upright Juncus.
Softstem Bulrush Schoenoplectus  tabernaemontani A tall, fast grower, adds a deep green vertical accent.
Southern Blue Flag Iris virginica Very showy purple flowers, a fairly slow grower.
Spikerush Eleocharis obtusa Low growing annual or short-lived perennial.
Swamp Milkweed Asclepias incarnata Large pink flower clusters; an important butterfly plant.
Swamp Sunflower Helianthus angustifolius  Tall perennial with small 'sunflowers' beloved by birds.
Sweet Flag Acorus americanus Iris-like foliage releases a lovely scent when crushed.
Switchgrass Panicum virgatum Attractive, upright, flood-proof, great erosion control.
Three-square Scirpus americanus Deep green, excellent erosion control, running in habit.
Water Millet Zizaniopsis miliacea Magnificent aquatic grass with persistent foliage.
White Turtlehead Chelone glabra White blooms shaped like little turtle heads.  
White Waterlily Nymphaea odorata Lovely white blossoms, limited supply.
Whitetop Sedge Rhynchospora colorata Attractive white "blooms"are actually bracts.
Wool Grass Scirpus cyperinus    This grass-like plant has large woolly seed heads.