At Wetland Plants, Inc. we grow most of our species in "Large Plug" containers.  These containers are 1.6 inches wide by 5 inches deep with a volume of 6.7 cubic inches.  The American Standard for Nursery Stock classifies our containers as "SP1".  

Large Plugs

  • Are much stronger and more vigorous than standard plugs
  • Are less expensive yet have the same performance as 4" diameter pots
  • Have deep, narrow root balls that stay in place during floods
  • Are quick and easy to install properly
  • Strike the perfect balance between price and performance 

 Large Plugs in Bags 

There are a few exceptions to our large plugs.  The deep water species - Nuphar, Nelumbo, NymphaeaPotamogeton perfoliatus and Lemna are typically lifted from our isolation beds and shipped bare root.