Total plants per shipment 

Price per plant


for North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia 

All species grown in 6.7 cubic inch Large Plugs 

(excludes the Waterlily types)

 200 - 2,999


3,000 - 9,999


10,000 or more 






Waterlily types - NelumboNuphar, and Nymphaea

 any quantity 




   Please call for shipping charges to additional states 

The Small Print

Availability must be confirmed before order is placed, as it changes daily and some species - such as the waterlily types - are forever in short supply.  Once you place an order you are obligated to pay for the plants, even if you subsequently find that you don't need them.  You are also obligated to pick up the plants or accept delivery within 30 days of the agreed-upon date.  Once we start to prepare your order for shipping or pickup, we cannot reverse the process.  Therefore if you change your mind in the 48 hours before your plants are scheduled to leave our facility you must still accept and pay for the plants.  Occasionally we have a crop failure.  If this occurs we will work with you to find acceptable substitutes for the plants we cannot provide, provide the plants in alternate sizes, and/or find alternate providers for the plants.  However we cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by our inability to provide the plants.  Listed prices may change without notice.  Payment in full is due upon receipt of the plants, although established, reliable customers who have completed credit applications may be granted 30 day payment terms.